2018-2019 Master's Message

Thank you to my brothers for granting me the honor of being elected to serve you during the coming months. You have reposed your trust in me on numerous occasions, and now as I take my position in the East, I will do everything I can to prove to all of you that your trust is well founded.

But a decision must be made of where we go from here. There are some things we do which are not working. There are some things which are working great. There are some things we don’t do anymore, which were great when they were happening but for whatever reasons stopped. There are some things we still haven’t considered yet. Things which could be the difference between us celebrating the 100 year anniversary of our building in just a few years from now, or our doors closing forever.

We always hear stories about how things used to be. And maybe things really were as great in the past as everyone remembers. Maybe it’s just nostalgia, and we just didn’t see the things which were wrong. We may never know for sure. But what I do know is that there is still a chance to continue moving things in the right direction to get out of the rut and get things the way it was remembered.

The foundation is already in place for us to rebuild our fraternity and return it to the state we only read or hear about it being in. For us to build it up more than it once was. To build it further than we could even imagine. Every man who knocks on our door does so for a reason and we need to do everything we can to help them find what they seek.

Unfortunately, the meanings of some of our teachings are becoming lost through an unending cycle of thoughtlessly reciting words just so we can say we said them. The light of our ancient brothers is fading with the years. We need to decide whether we will let the flame die out or whether we will add fuel and breathe life into the revival we see sparking around us.

I know my choice. But I can’t do it alone. And so I ask every brother: Whence came you? And whither are you traveling?

W∴ Robert Tyler

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