Community Outreach

Broome-Chenango District Conducts Successful Child ID Program

As Masons, we value the opportunity to get involved with people and groups in our community. One of the principal philosophies of our Fraternity is that we all have a responsibility to do our part to make things better in the world. We try to demonstrate this through many of our community outreach efforts.

One of our ongoing outreach efforts is the New York Masonic Safety Identification program (formerly New York State Masonic Child ID Program). This program provides families with a CD containing photos and identifying information about their child or loved one, so that if that person were to go missing, it could aid law enforcement in locating the individual. Members of our Lodge have helped setup and staff booths at local community events to provide this service.

As a Lodge located in Johnson City, we feel it is important to support local students. As such, we offer scholarships annually to graduating seniors from Johnson City High School. This allows us to recognize and encourage academic excellence in the community.

Johnson City Unity Lodge Recognizes CVAC

On the subject of recognizing and encouraging excellence in the community, we are always looking to support other groups that are doing good in the community. As an example of this, we recognized the Crime Victims Assistance Center (CVAC) for the services they provide to victims. This event was attended by local leaders and received new coverage.

Masonry is tightly intertwined with the building of this Great Nation! Another community outreach of our Lodge is involvement in the celebration of the accomplishments of Masons, especially those with local ties. One such mason is General Edward Jones, hailing from Binghamton NY, who was a Civil War hero, who answered President Abraham Lincoln's call to arms. When the 150th anniversary of this important event took place in 2011, our Lodge joined with other local groups to celebrate this brave Man and Mason, garnering news coverage for the event.

We are always looking for opportunities to assist and contribute to our community. If you are aware of a local group or cause that could use our help, please email us as to let us know.

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