2014-2015 Officers

Congratulations to those who were elected officers for the 2014-2015 year:

  • Master - Bro. Dwight Jemison
  • Senior Warden - Bro. Thomas McCoy Jr.
  • Junior Warden - Bro. Christopher Rockhill
  • Secretary - R∴W∴ Mark D. Smith
  • Treasurer - W∴ Gary W. Hunt
  • Trustee (3 years) - W∴ Joshua Copp
  • Finance Committee (3 years) - W∴ Robert Jensen

Traveling Gavel

Johnson City Unity Lodge No. 970 is in possession of the traveling gavel. We look forward to another district Lodge visiting us to claim the gavel.

Broome-Chenango Lodges Raise Four Master Masons

On Thursday, May 8 2014, Johnson City Unity Lodge No. 970, Binghamton Lodge No. 177, and Sherburne Lodge No. 444 collaborated to raise four brothers to the degree of Master Mason. Members of several other Lodges from the Broome-Chenango District were present to help out and take part in the degree. In all, more than 40 men were present to welcome these newly raised brothers. Thank you to everyone who contributed to such a wonderful night, and congratulations to the new Master Masons.

Upcoming Degree Practices

Practices for our upcoming (May 8) 3rd Degree are scheduled as follows:

  • April 22 at 6pm
  • April 27 at 6pm
  • May 4 at 5pm
  • May 6 at 7pm

All those who will be involved in the conferral of the degree should plan to attend as many practices as possible.

2nd Degree Practices

Our next meeting (3/27) will be the Fellowcraft Degree, with our Senior Warden in the East. Degree practices are scheduled as follows:

  • Tuesday, March 18th at 6pm
  • Thursday, March 20th at 6pm
  • Tuesday, March 25th at 6pm

Those with parts in the degree are encouraged to attend as many practices as possible.

Carl Squires 50 Year Apron

On February 21, 2014, Brothers from Johnson City Unity Lodge No. 970, along with R∴ W∴ Bob Rogers, District Deputy Grand Master of the Broome-Chenango District, visited the home of Brother Carl Squires to present him with his 50 Year apron, and enjoy the fraternal fellowship that is an integral part of Masonry. Among the visiting Brothers were Carl's grandson, and recently raised Master Mason, Brother Adam Nesbitt, Brother Shawn McMahon, Carl's son in law, Brother Daniel Ralston a long time family friend, and W∴ Joshua Copp, Master of Johnson City Unity Lodge. Carl and the Brothers shared many stories, and laughs, and everyone involved had a memorable evening. Congratulations, Brother Carl Squires, and thank you for your service to the craft.

1st Degree Practices

We have a 1st Degree scheduled for Thursday, February 27, opening at 6:30pm. Practices are scheduled as follows:

  • Sunday, February 16 at 6pm
  • Thursday, February 20 at 6pm
  • Sunday, February 23 at 6pm
  • Tuesday, February 25 at 6pm

Everyone who is participating in the Degree should plan on attending practices.

Note: the 2/16 practice was rescheduled to 2/23.

Schedule Change

Our next meeting, February 13, will not be a 1st Degree. This degree has been moved to the following meeting on February 27.

Grand Master's Message for Upcoming Holidays

Please see below for a message from the Grand Master of Masons in the State of New York:


Dear Brethren, Family and Friends of Freemasonry in New York ...

There are several important national holidays and celebrations in the weeks ahead and these have very special significance to us as Masons. First is Martin Luther King Day on January 20th. Though it has long been rumored that MLK intended to become a Freemason, he never did. However, some thirty three years after MLK died, the Grand Master of the MW Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Georgia made the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King a Mason in 2001 posthumously, declaring him to be a Freemason. Now there is a certifiable connection of yet another great American and our gentle Craft.

In February we honor two of our most memorable Presidents...

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from the members of Johnson City Unity Lodge No. 970.

We hope this is a safe and enjoyable time of year for you and your family.

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