Past Masters and Awards Night

Thank you to everyone who came out to honor Past Masters of Johnson City Unity Lodge No. 970 along with award recipients for 2015. The night commenced with a delicious beef dinner. Following dinner was a business meeting which included a program recognizing Past Masters, years of service awardees, Mason of the Year, and a DSA recipient. Both were very well attended.

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3rd Degree Practices

Thursday April 23rd, Johnson City Unity Lodge No. 970 will be opening at 6:30pm to raise three Brother Fellowcrafts to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason.

The practice schedule is as follows:

  • Thursday April 16th at 6:30pm
  • Sunday April 19th at 4pm
  • Tuesday April 21st at 6pm

Each practice will begin with the Degree practice, and roughly one hour later a Drama practice. Please remember, the Drama is a very important part of the experience, and is more than deserving of practice.

Upcoming Second Degree

Our next meeting, March 26th, will be for the purpose of conferring the Fellowcraft Degree. We will open at 6:30pm. Practices are scheduled as follows:

  • Thursday, March 19th @ 7:30pm
  • Sunday, March 22nd @ 6:30pm
  • Tuesday, March 24th @ 6:30pm

Please consider coming out to support the candidates, officers of the Lodge, and degree participants.

Degree Practices

Our next meeting, 2/26, will be a First Degree. Practices are scheduled as follows:

  • Sunday February 15th at 6pm
  • Thursday February 19th at 6pm
  • Tuesday February 24th at 6pm

Program Change for 1/8/2015

Unfortunately the speaker scheduled to present the program on the Cardiac Research Institute at The Masonic Medical Research Laboratory is no longer able to attend this Thursday. In his stead, a substitute program will be put on by W∴ Dwight Jemison.

There will still be a dinner at 6:30pm. We hope to see you there.

Happy New Year!

We hope everyone had an enjoyable Holidays and New Year. As we enter the new year and get back into the swing of things at Lodge, we'd like to draw your attention to our upcoming meeting on Thursday, January 8. The program will be on the Cardiac Research Institute at The Masonic Medical Research Laboratory. These folks do some really important and interesting work.

As usual, there will be a meal at 6:30pm followed by the meeting at 7:30pm. We hope you will be able to join us for some fellowship and an informative meeting.

Upcoming 3rd Degree

On December 11th at 6:30pm Johnson City Unity Lodge No. 970 will open to confer the Degree of Master Mason.

There will be a practice Sunday at 7pm with a drama practice directly following, and another Tuesday at 6pm, also followed by a drama practice. Please attend if you are able.

We look forward to seeing you all soon.

DDGM Dinner

At our next meeting (October 23rd) we will be welcoming the District Deputy Grand Master for his official visit. A dinner consisting of chicken parmesan, salad with cobb inspired topping, and bread with butter will be served at 6:30pm. RSVPs to the Junior Warden will help him to estimate how much food to prepare.

2nd Degree Practices

On Thursday, November 13th at 6:30pm we will be conferring the Fellowcraft Degree. Practices for this degree will be held as follows:

  • Sunday, November 2nd at 6:30pm
  • Thursday, November 6th at 6:30pm
  • Sunday, November 9th at 6:30pm

We encourage all who are participating in the degree to attend as many practices as possible.

Note on Next Meeting

At our next meeting (Thursday, October 23) we will be opening at 6pm for the purpose of presenting the First Degree Historical Lecture to our newly initiated Brother. Following the lecture will be a dinner at 6:30pm and then the official visit of the District Deputy Grand Master with the meeting beginning at 7:30pm.

We hope to see you there!

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